TREND / Rayban Erika velvet

I'm currently working on a lot of posts from my last trip to Boston and New York. In the meanwhile I couldn't wait to show you this beauty.

The search for the perfect sunglasses is one of the most fun things for me. Let's say it a bit poetical: The journey is the goal (or something like this). Anyways, I think you can never find THE ONE perfect pair of sunnies as each one is perfect for a different situation. So my collection keeps growing and it got even bigger in the last weeks. Let me introduce you to one of my new best friends: ERIKA, velvet Erika. She is so soft and I could wear her all day long. 

For me, Erika is the perfect companion on a beautiful autumn day. The velvet gives it a nice touch for the colder time of the year which I absolutely love. Combined with the mirrored glasses these are definitely glasses that I know I'll have forever.