INSPIRATION / black and neon

Have you every thought about a world without black clothing? I don't want to sound like a gothic here but black is so important to me! Take beautiful black skinny jeans, a white oversized  shirt and a black blazer and you're amazingly dressed. Add sneakers for the day and heels at night and tadaaa everything is amazing. 

I don't know where this obsession with black came from but as black will always be part of the fashion scene there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Only think about "the little black dress" ... (drifting off day dreaming) Isn't fashion amazing?

And what looks best with an all black outfit? Right. A bright nail polish. I usually love to wear all shades of red but as the neon trend pops up every now and then I sometimes just go crazy on the nails haha. Here is a black and neon combo I wore last summer in Berlin.