TRAVELS / London Fashion Week AW14


More than 8 million people live here and I was one of them until the end of December of last year. It was only for six months but ohh, I loved it. The people, the shops, all the possibilities this city provides are just a-mazing!

Last weekend I came back to 'my hood' for London Fashion Week. 

My second Fashion Week and in September I was even invited to attend the Paul Smith show. I couldn't stop smiling the second I entered the door to the golden hall of fahsion. All those people waiting for inspiration, working in the fashion industry being used to incredible events like this and me in the middle. I tried to walk around like I knew where I was going and suddendly there she was... Alexa Chung. Her gorgeous hair easily done like she did it herself talking to friends and it seemed like she didn't even notice the whole room staring at her. Suddenly, a scream. The lights get low and the music starts. The first model comes around the corner and goosebumps that won't disappear until I leave the show hit me. The models walk down the runway until you hear the ever so lovely click click click click. I try to remind myself that I am in London, I am attending a fashion show and I am sitting opposite of Alexa Chung. Then, there he is Paul Smith himself smiling as he runs on the runway shaking hands as he walks by. The whole crowd is clapping which shocked me as i was in my own universe trying to suck in every little detail about this fascinating event that went by much too fast. Paul disappeares around the corner and people jump up there seats rushing to the next shows. I try to stay as long as I can brathing a little more of this fashion air that I love so much. 

Now, five months later I'm back in this fashion environment. Without a ticket to a show but with a lot of enthusiasm in the city I love. Here are some impressions of LFW: