How do you start an article after quite a long time without posts? That question kept rushing through my brain as I decided to come back to blogging. Don't get me wrong, I didn't stop because I didn't like it or because I ran out of ideas. There just wasn't enough time. I know what you're thinking 'Can there ever be enough time...?' Well, I decided to just MAKE time because writing is something i truly love. Especially when it comes to writing together with fashion and a lot of creativity. 

This is why I'm back today with MY THINGS IN LIFE. It is all going to be about things that inspire me, things I love and other little bits and pieces that pop up in my head.

After spending several months blogging, 12.800 clicks and some lovely comments I disappeared for quite some time where I had to find out that I miss blogging everyday. So today is the day that I'M BACK. Back with new ideas, a brand new outfit for my blog and a new name that combines it all together. One of the most exciting parts of my new inspiration platform (as I like to call it - oh yeah) is the travel section. Here you can see where I currently am and there will always be a post relating to the location - how exciting!! Even writing about it makes my heart jump!

To find out more and always stay up to date about what's going on like, follow, share and sprad the word through all different social media channels you can think of. So far I'm on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, PINTEREST and BLOGLOVIN. Let's see how many more the online world will come up with in the next years but for now that's it.

One last thing before you can click around my website: It's really lovely to have you here and I'm looking forward to every comment, email and feedback from you. I hope to see you here again soon - with me and more of MY THINGS IN LIFE.