DIY / white coke vase

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine celebrated her birthday. I thought about what to give her that was special, unique and something she could use. She loves a cold Coca-Cola with ice and one of her favourite hobbies is interior design so I thought of a way how to combine these two passions and found a pretty good present. So, here's how you can make these cute vases yourself in 7 simple steps:


- an empty glass bottle

- white glass varnish (or which colour you prefer) 

- some paper

- tape


Buy the bottles you likes. I chose these really beautiful 250ml glass bottles from Coca-Cola. They come in a tray of 6 - drink them first and then use them as a sweet decoration.


Wash the empty bottles carefully and let them dry completely.


Open the varnish carefully and mix it through. I used a clean chopstick from our last Sushi delivery. 

You can also use acrylic colour as it will dry faster. I'm not sure though how the water for the flowers in the vase will react with acrylic colour. But if you use a bigger jar instead of a vase where you store pens and scissors I'm sure it will be absolutely fine.


Roll up the paper on one side so only a small amount of varnish can flow through the hole and secure it with some tape. The thicker the paper the easier it will be to handle.


Put the paper in the glass and slowly pour a bit (not too much!) vanish in the paper construction. The varnish will run through the paper smoothly.



Wait until about 1/5 of the bottle is filled with varnish and then remove the paper from the bottle. Carefully turn the bottle around until the whole inside is covered in white. To remove the remaining colour turn the bottle upside down and allow the varnish to flow back in the can. 


Give the varnish enough time to dry entirely. The best way is to turn the bottle upside down and let them dry for a couple of days. (I guess the colour will dry faster if you use acrylic colour instead)

Put a flower you like in the bottle and taaadaaaa you're all done. I hope you have fun trying this yourself.