OUTFIT / back in spring

As you maybe noticed (unfortunately) there wasn't enough time for blogging in my life lately. But now I am back with more time, new ideas and a lot of pictures for you.


A few weeks ago (when the days were colder and you still needed a scarf from time to time) I paired my new MIU MIU sunglasses with a 'military-green-balmain-lookalike-skinny-pants'  from ZARA. Those pants are easily styled with a simple t-shirt or a long shirt like I did it here. I really like the idea of buying things that don't only go together with one thing in my closet but with more and these pants are definitely like that! And of course my all time favourite Alexander Wang had to be a part of the outfit too. Like also seen HERE.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and here's to many more posts coming soon! CHEERS!