NEW IN / Nicholas Kirkwood loafers

Shoes are a special thing for (almost) every woman. I guess it's because shoes always fit - no matter if you gained a little weight or not. 

Most women have quite an impressive collection whether it's sneakers, heels or flats everyone tends to some kind of shoe category. Although I have to say that I love heels I don't own too many of them. I always feel a little overdressed when wearing them so I tend to more casual shoes with a small heel because I'm really not that tall.

The newest member in my shoe family is a really special one: Nicholas Kirkwood. We found each other in London and his gorgeous colour and phenomenal cut caught my attention right away. Even though he has lived with me since December I have only worn him once. You know that feeling when you get something new and you just don't want to wear it to not ruin it? Normally, I'm not like that but with Nicholas it's different. I want him to keep his nice shape and the perfectly golden heel.

So, take a look at my beautiful new friend and I'm sure the day will come that I'll wear him like all my other shoes. One day.