NEWS / Sophia Webster for J.Crew

Sophia Webster lounged a footwear collaboration with J.Crew. The 13 very special and colourful styles are made in Webster's own factories and are available online and in some stores. Since they have been out there for some days now most of the shoes are already sold out but net-a-porter still has some.

 pic via  net-a-porter

pic via net-a-porter

Sophia Webster is known since a few years now for her extravagante and unique shoe designs - you might know these shoes since they are some of her signature style shoes:

 pic via  Sophia Webster
 pic via  Sophia Webster

J.Crew is an American brand that slowly but surely seems to take over Europe. During my time in London the first European store opened there on Oxford Street with an amazing store design. Even though I'm not a big fan of the (for me too) classy look of J.Crew I love their necklaces and shirts. In case you like statement necklaces J.Crew is definitely worth a look and they now ship worldwide.

 pic via  J.Crew

pic via J.Crew