HAIR / light blond long bob

And again, the one's of you who follow me on INSTAGRAM (@thelisagirl) or FACEBOOK already know it: Yes, I did it again. I changed my hair.

In June last year I had my hair quite long and it was light brown. Since then I kept changing between blonde and light brown and like I showed you HERE my last change was that I got bangs. HERE are some other posts related to my hair. I don't know what it is but I simply can't stay with the same colour or cut for long. I'm always fascinated how people can have the same hairstyle for years and still be happy with it. I'm not like that. At the moment, I'm really in love with growing out my bangs and this light blonde for summer. (Like always) I'd love my hair to be longer and I now own a special treatment for them which will make them healthier and hopefully help them grow. As you can image all the colouring is not the best thing you can do for your hair. At this point: a big thank you to my amazing hair stylist! 

Sooooo now you're up to date about my hair situation and you will see a lot more about it in the next days as I prepared a few nice posts for you.