NEW IN / Delfina Delettrez red lips earring

A love poem to something I that makes me very happy in my life right now: these beautiful Delfina Delettrez red lips earring.

I never felt like the girl with pearl earrings. I like seeing them on other girls with their classy elegant look but it never felt right for me. Things like "you like your grandma", "you don't even own real pearls" this popped into my head by looking at my 3 Euro fake-pearls. But then, a few months ago, I discovered pearl earrings with that little twist that I (apparently) always missed. After a little research and with my friend Google I found Delfina Delettrez's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G jewellery. Very unique, high quality  and just extraordinary from the jewellery you see on the street. I had to know where this gorgeous style came from and tadaaa: Delfina is Italian and belongs to the Fendi family's fourth generation. So that girl had style in her blood from the day she was born. In 2007 she created her first collection and is quite successful with what she's doing. Looking through her website and discovering more about her style, her collection and the wonderful pieces she creates, I found this earring and fell in love with it right away. Filled with love I failed to look at the price of this beauty (we are talking about 9k gold and red enamel here) but when I saw it, my love didn't get less but let's say... I had to swallow. "About 400 Euros for one earring is NOT, I repeat NOT something I'm willing to pay!" ... That's what I kept telling myself, trying to forget this beautiful piece. Weeks passed and my love did not go away. I kept seeing those sad little fake pearls in my bathroom and dreamed about the red lips. So, I decided to put some money aside every week and let this earring be my treat when I pass the last regular exam at my Uni. The weeks went by and then I finally ordered it at LOUISAVIAROMA.COM. Ever since this beautiful earring arrived I'm wearing it every single day (and I've had it for a few weeks now). I still love it so much and promised myself to invest more in timeless high quality pieces like this unique earring.

By the way, if you have a closer look at my last post HERE you can see that I've already worn it and you will see a lot more of it here, on