OUTFIT / simple jeans and white shirt

I don’t know what it is about blue jeans. Almost everybody owns a pair and they are loved more or less worldwide. Jeans already went through quite a lot of styles like the 70ies hippie style, boyfriend cut, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, stone washed jeans…just to name a few and I don’t think that there are any boundaries anymore.

I tried thinking about which style I prefer and the only limitation I could think of is: boyfriend jeans. They are just amazing on skinny girls (either with heels or with sneakers) but unfortunately they just don’t fit me. Other than that I’m really open for any style. I own not too many jeans because (I guess every can agree with me) it is hard to find a perfect pair of jeans. A couple of years ago I started to adore ripped jeans and since I couldn’t find any at that time, I just made them myself. I bought a pair of “normal” once, reached out for my scissors and just got crazy. You can see one of those “handmade” jeans HERE. Since then, I did a few more (including one for my boyfriend) and I loved and still love it. Some time ago the trend of ripped jeans started to hit it’s peek and since then you can find them EVERYWHERE.

When you start seeing ripped jeans all day long I find it quite nice to wear a “whole” jeans in a simple colour for a change. And that’s what I did here. A simple pair of jeans, a simple white shirt and my beloved black trench coat from Topshop. Add a little colour (helloooo lips) and some nice jewellery I’m happy