NEWS / Glossybox Summer Holiday Edition

A beautiful sunny day in Vienna today so I thought this is the perfect time to show you what GLOSSYBOX released in July: A summer holiday edition. Did you know that they celebrate their 3rd birthday in July? So happy birthday Glossybox!

Before we start I have to say that packaging is one thing that I absolutely love and Glossybox did a great job here. A lovely box, a nice ribbon and a careful eye on the details - just the way I like it.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of trying random beauty products I really liked this box - especially the brush and the bronzer because these are things you (or at least I) have to buy anyway and hey there's absolutely nothing wrong with a nice little colourful brush. The shower gel smells really nice and kind of reminds me of our holiday in Dubai (by the way - post coming up soon) and foot gel is always nice to have in summer. The only thing I know I'm not going to use is the hand lotion, just because my hands react really weird when it comes to the (for me) wrong hand lotion. As soon as some ingredients (don't ask me which ones - my hands are crazy) are in the lotion my hands turn red and I get a weird rash. I haven't tried this hand lotion from Figs & Rouge and I won't but it will be a great little gift to a friend. 

Enough with the beauty talk - there was a really nice goodie in the Glossybox: a keychain from LIEBESKIND. That was an amazing surprise and I'm sure I will find the right person to give it to.

All together I have to say that the Glossybox is not really the right thing for me. When it comes to beauty I rather search for the perfect product and then stick with it for a long time. Trying new little things every month is not the way I like to find my beauty stuff.

What about you? Any experience with the Glossybox or something similar? I would love to hear what you think.

* this Glossybox was given to me for free