TREND / flash tattoos

Since August hasn't been our best friend lately when it comes to good weather, I thought about a way to bring you summer feelings - here's how: flash tattoos. They are a huge thing at the moment and I can definitely understand why. With tanned beautiful summer skin they just look amazing.

Flash tattoos in gold and silver are like jewels for the skin and that's something I really like. Everybody wears normal jewellery, so these tattoos really strike out from crowd. From all the pictures I've seen so far I'm most fascinated by the little ones that just blink out behind a shirt when you move or one that you wear like a beautiful bracelet. They are supposed to last for 4 to 6 days - so perfect for a weekend getaway or a nice summer weekend. 

Here are some images from BLISSANY to show you what I mean. I'm going to order some tattoos soon and will (of course) let you know everything about them. (all pics via