OUTFIT / white on white

At the moment it feels like summer is already over. Everybody wears jackets and jeans again. So I'll show you today probably the last summer outfit - and of course: it is white. 

All white is something I really have to be in the mood for as my all time favourite colour when it comes to clothing is black. Here I'm wearing ripped white jeans, a simple shirt and golden accessories. I've already showed you a similar hair accessory HERE with pearls and this is the golden, I-am-Cesar-living-in-antient-Rome-version. Gold and white is something that always works and even though it looks really nice and summery here it is also a great combination in winter. Imagine yourself with the most comfortable white pullover and a nice white cosy hat, add a golden watch and a long necklace in gold and tadaaa white and gold in winter works absolutely fine as well.

Oh I will surely miss all this green and nice colours in the pictures but to be honest, I'm REALLY looking forward to fall and all it's great coats, hats, scarves, boots... ah I just love having different seasons - don't you do too?