TREND / Moschino

Moschino has always been a brand for me that I know the logo of. The most common accessory is their well known Moschino belt. During our trip to Dubai I've been to a couple of Moschino stores to just have a look around and I spotted the belts in a lot of different colours, textures and sizes. Of course, not only the belt is something you recognize immediately. No, during Fashion Week in Milan in Feburary 2014 Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, presented his now famous 'McDonalds'-collection - all in red and yellow with a very unique logo. So since Franco Moschino founded the Italian brand in 1983 only little things changed because Franco was, like Jeremy today, a provocateur. 

Franco always wanted fashion to be fun and that's something I can really relate to. I've always wanted something nice from Moschino but since I'm not really a belt wear kind of girl and the bags were (unfortunately) a liiiiittle too expensive I decided to give my phone and my ipad a little makeover. Not only do I love the design and the colours but the surface of the cases feel so nice and soft. So, here they are: CALL ME and TOUCH ME.

Moschino currently has a big SALE so in case you've always wanted something, go grab it HERE. My cases are also on sale HERE - happy shopping!