Yes, it gets a bit colder every day. I think the days of sneakers without socks and cute sandals are over. But let's not see the downside here! The times for big scarves, sunglasses with hats (oh I love that!), boots and gloves are coming. To start this new season let's have a look at an outfit from last year with a huge cozy scarf and a nice braid. For me a giant scarf is like an own piece of clothing in winter. It can be so warm that you only need a leather jacket and the scarf and you're good to go. If it get's even colder I add small leather gloves and the whole outfit doesn't look like you're going to Siberia. Of course, when it get's too icy cold that's not the right thing to do except you're into being ill all winter. But let's not talk about winter yet. It is after all, still summer, well, officially at least. I hope you can still enjoy a few warm hours wherever you live.