When the people from Henkel asked me if I wanted to participate in their "Style up your..."-competition the answer had to be yes. Style something old and make it new? Ahm hello? YES please! So the idea came really quick and here is the result. I pimped an usual H&M bag and made it rock-chique with the Loctite superglue (more on

This is how the bag looked BEFORE:


After the first fear of glueing my fingers together was over the fun began with the Loctite superglue.

With the black bag I bought a normal necklace and a set of earrings to pimp the bag. For the side I decided to go with a small bow to give it a unique touch.

STEP 1: Cutting off the earring:

STEP 2: Remove the "useless" parts of the necklace:

STEP 3: Glue the necklace and the earrings onto the bag:

TADAAA this how the bag looks now. 

* in friendly cooperation with Henkel