I know, I know it's been a while since my last post and I am beyond sorry about that - my life got a bit crazy in the last weeks but I'm sure things will get better and I start this process with catching up on a few things that happened and I haven't told you about yet. 

Let's begin with my very first blogger event which was more that exciting and absolutely amazing. The ones of you who follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM already know it. It was the JOCKEY Suiting which took place at the Palais Coburg Hotel in Vienna in the Victoria Suite. I could not stop smiling when I received the invitation. My first invitation as a blogger - YAAAAY. Jockey organised it to show their new lounge wear. When I first heard about the event my thoughts were: underwear for men, boxer shorts and pyjamas but now they focus more on women and the cozy time in life when you just want to cuddle. 

During the event models were walking around presenting the new collection and everything looked very soft and cozy. Here are some pictures:

It was breathtaking for me when they gave us a goody bag with presents and I got the most amazing pyjama-pants ever. In dark blue with a fabric you never want to take off. Here are some pictures of this beautiful new friend of mine.