TRAVELS / Shopping in Sydney

When it comes to shopping in Australia it is definitely amongst the best I've seen so far. Because it is just so far away from Europe it's probably not a natural thing to think of an Australian brand first. But if you've ever been here or stumpled upon some great brands it's hard to ignore Australia and its fashion.

To be honest, yes, I've been following some Australian bloggers for a while and always admired their effortless chique but I never had a really close look at the labels they wore because it was always like 'ok Australian brand, tons of shipping costs, no thanks'. But since I'm here now I can do the shopping in real life, explore all those great things and I can tell you: I don't know what I'll do in Europe because I feel Australia just knows what I want shoppingwise. 

Some of the brands I found and absolutely fell in love with: CS EDIT, sass & bide, White Suede, Maurie & Eve, NICHOLAS, ... just to name a few.  

Of course, there are designers where you pay $400 for a tshirt and socks but what I really loved are all the labels and shops between super expensive and H&M. For example GLUE, they have a wide range of different designers and not a huge amount of every piece - so not every second girl you see on the street wears the same thing (which - let's be honest - happens pretty often when you wear ZARA and H&M)

There are shops that you'll find everywhere in the big cities like Marcs, Country Road, Witchery, Topshop, French Connection which are all pretty much in the same price range. And there are those shopping malls/department stores where you can simply find EVERYTHING - just like in the U.S. or Selfridges and Harrods in London.  

You can find most of Sydney's great and big shopping within a few city blocks. The main big shopping roads are George St and Pitt St with all the big labels. (QVB left, THE STRAND right for example)




Known as THE shopping street in Sydney, Pitt St is not only home to the big department stores but also a lot of more common ones like H&M, ZARA, SPORTSGIRL. Pitt St Mall is not really a mall but a small part of Pitt St (one block to be precise) packed with shops between Market St and King St. 

According to the Daily Mail Pitt St Mall was ranked the most epensive place to rent shop space followed by 5th Avenue and Champs Elysees. So you get a feeling of all the serious shopping going on here.



Corner Pitt St Mall & Market St -

 pic via  Flickr

pic via Flickr

I knew Westfield from London and since I really liked the one in Sheppard's Bush I thought it was worth a visit and grab a bite to eat. Little did I know what food eldorado I would get in. TIP: Use the hidden outside escalator between Sportsgirl and Soul Pattinson Chemist on Pitt St which takes you directly to the food level and every kind of food you can imagine. After lunch I treated myself with some ice cream and started walking through the different levels: Chanel, Dior, Nine West, you name it, it's there. And if it's not simply walk down one block and continue there...



86-108 Castlereagh St -

 pic via  d'marge

pic via d'marge

Just one thing to say: tons of labels. Just have a look at their list of brands .



436 George St -

A huge department store (Australia's largest department store group, by the way) with a lot of brands and designers - I couldn't really find a difference between all the department stores but I guess if you're after a certain brand these are the ones you start looking in.



455 George St -


Well, if you are into beautiful buildings, amazing glass windows, pretty floors and gorgeous scenerie QVB is one thing you can't miss when in Syndey. The shopping here is different to the rest simply because there are smaller (but still very expensive) brands here. TIP: Try to be in the building on a full hour as the beautiful clocks will make some music. 



412-414 George St -


A little passage between Pitt St and George St that can be easily missed. The Strand is definitely a must see with all its taylor made shops on the upper level (incl. amazing wedding shops) and all kinds of magnificent shops, ideas and inspiration. I found my beloved AESQUE backpack in their store at The Strand and they only have three shops worldwide which proofs the exclusiveness of the shops with The Strand.



500 George St -

A lovely mix of art and shopping hosting art pieces of all different kinds of artist. Amongst others MUJI can be found here which I absolutely adore for their little pratical bottles, storage things and of course (my weakness): pens. 


My absolute favourite shop is not next to the big ones but I'll include this one in my SYDNEY SECRETS (coming soon).