TREND / St Patrick's day what to wear

What better day to talk about a trend that’s been off and on quite a while than Saint Patrick’s day. Yes, you got it right: I’m talking about the colour GREEN.

A little history first – what is the thing about this „wearing of the green“? Tradition holds that Saint Patrick, Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland died on 17 March, which explains the date. And according to legend, Saint Patrick used the three-leaved green shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to people. Green has been associated with Ireland since the late 1640s, when the green harp flag was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation.

With that all sorted, let’s get back to fashion. I’ve heard it a few times that with my green eyes and freckles green suits me (is that because Irish people often have freckles, who knows) but except for one blouse in a bright green that’s all I have but there are definitely a few really nice things out there. Since I'm living life in summer at the moment this would be something I could absolutely imagine myself in on Saint Patricks day.

And here is another one for the cooler parts of the world in March. This is something I could wear everyday. Looking at this cozy jacket and long sleeve dress sitting in a room with 30 degrees and my hair going crazy because of all the humidity I have to admit that (and I never thought I'd say this): I miss winter a little bit.